Friday Night Swing Starting this week 03/26


Friday Night Swing Revival - Note Schedule Change

Friday 03/26
7-8PM - *"Refresher" Lesson with Angelique Early
8-11PM - Dance - Angelique will be spinning the tunes
* Since we have all been off the dance floor for an
extended time, these first few weeks will be refresher
courses to make sure we haven't developed any bad
habits during lockdown. I don't expect many new dancers
right off the street right now, but if we do, I'll work on
beginner basics with them,

Lesson & Dance - $15
Dance Only - $10

Well, as you all know by now, the Friday Night Dances will Re-Start
this Friday 03/26. This is a test "Re-Opening". Whether they continue
will simply depend on the numbers. I have had a lot of positive
feedback, especially those who have already been vaccinated, or been
exposed to COVID already.

Masks will be mandatory. I have a supply of genuine "Made In USA"
N-95 masks. These are the real thing ... not the lesser KN-95 masks.
I bought another batch recently, and they will be available at cost at
the fron desk ... $2.50

In addition I also have several gallons of hand sanitizer. Use it!

In years past, I have supported the dances with low attendance out
of my own pocket, but after a disasterous year for business, I don't
have the reserves to do that at the moment. So to those who have
given the "Thumbs Up", I hope to see you there.

For those who are still uncomfortable coming back at this time, that's
"OK". You need to make your own personal choice and what you feel
is best for you. Hopefully there will be enough attendance to keep the
dances going until you feel safe to return. If not, I'll pick another date later
in the year to begin again.

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