A must for anybody who wants to excel at ANY dance

Often copied ... but never duplicated. The word "Intensive" is incredibly overused nowadays. Honestly ... there is no such thing as a 2,3 or 4 hour "Intensive". Those are just long workshops. This program is 12 hours of instruction, 2 workshops & 2 dances designed not only to help you become a better dancer, but also to UNDERSTAND music structure, Body Motion & pattern development.

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Why is it different?

Mario Intensive 2024 - What is it?

Staying True to West Coast Swing

Hey Folks,

The Next Mario Robau Intensive is scheduled for June 7-9, 2024.

There are already several couples "On The List", so, even if you are not sure, let me know if you are interested in that weekend. This workshop weekend is limited to 15 leaders and 15 followers (And possibly a few local instructors). You do not have to sign up as a "Couple", but that helps. I just make sure numbers are even, and we will do some rotating.

**** It will be assumed that all Men will be leaders, and all Women will be followers, unless otherwise specified in advance****

*NOTE - The two workshops Friday & Saturday are open to the Public. See Listing under "Friday Night Dance" Section


* Intensive workshops - What are they?

Intensive Workshops – “Intensive” is the most overused “Buzz Word” on the circuit today. This however, is the real deal, most often copied, but never duplicated.…. Now over 20 years of refinement and continuously evolving as the dance does. Three days of teaching you HOW to make up your own material, HOW to create your own footwork/syncopations, HOW interpret music, HOW to phrase, etc., etc. … just not trying to mimic what others offer.

The success and popularity of these “Intensive Dance Training” weekends cannot be overstated. There is so much material, dancers have come back 2, 3 or even more times, as they gain experience with the dance and can implement more and more over time.

This weekend is a must for anybody who wishes to be an excellent social dancer, a competitor or instructor. Learn how to progress from just repeating moves and patterns, to actually dancing. Learn the fine points of Leading, Following, Syncopations, Musical Interpretation and other techniques that will separate you from the majority of dancers on the dance floor. Designed for dancers that are above the “Beginner” level.

Right now, our dance, West Coast Swing, is in transition. Fewer and Fewer instructors are teaching the foundation of the dance as it was meant to be. Ironically, the great majority these instructors, learned the very technique(s) taught by the "Old School" dancers, that you really don't see traveling much anymore. For some reason, this new generation has seen fit to change the dance, and not pass along the information that made them the dancer they are today. Maybe they are trying to help you "Shortcut" the process, feel the basics are unnecessary anymore, or simply forgot much of what they learned in the beginning. I know myself; I will be in the middle of teaching a class ... for some reason it doesn't work, then realize I forgot a critical piece of information necessarily needed to make sense of it all. In this weekend you WILL GET that missing information.

In answering questions from dancers about the content of the workshops, I realized there was a HUGE misconception over what these workshops were all about. It seems almost easier to tell you what it is not.

Anybody who currently believes that these workshops are strictly geared towards the advanced dancers is way off base. This is NOT a weekend full of extremely difficult moves, patterns and syncopations. As a matter of fact, much of the first few hours is more of a classroom setting, learning how to interpret music and create your own unique style of dance. Later on, you learn to apply that knowledge. These workshops are designed to give the

"Advanced Beginner" to "Intermediate" Dancers the knowledge and technique to propel them into the advanced category. Mario teaches you how to make up your own syncopations, interpret music, and how to lead/follow so you can attempt the more difficult patterns with confidence ... or at least attempt them with a little less panic. 🙂

Ironically, once involved in the intensive program, most who consider themselves advanced dancers, find out that they are not quite as advanced as they thought they were. Not because they can't do a lot of fancy patterns and "Goat Ropers," but they find out that the foundation of dance is not solid enough to execute the moves properly ... in a clean smooth fashion. There is a lot more to dancing than spins and dips ... (and a lot more enjoyable option too).

Speaking from personal experience, the first time I took the Skippy Blair intensive, I realized how little I really knew about "Dancing" ... not specifically West Coast Swing. I actually went to California around 1993-4 and was welcomed at the Skippy Blair "Home for Wayward Dancers" to learn about dancing and West Coast Swing. (After her one and only intensive series here in New England) Most dancers today are not quite that dedicated, and are more into it for fun. That's the reason I am bringing this level of instruction here to you. And it is a fact ... Dancing cleaner and more precise does make dancing more enjoyable.

Reality check - Here is the Catch-22 ... Those who have been dancing longer, may have seen some of this material before, and therefore, have to remember less. Sadly, those of us, who are more advanced, also have more "Flaws" or "Inconsistencies" in our dancing. They are more "Ingrained" into our dancing, and it is a little harder to correct these minor flaws after they are incorporated into our weekly dancing. To this day I find myself sometimes slipping into old habits learned in my early years of dancing.

Those who are newer to the dance don't have as many mistakes to correct, but much of this information will be brand new. Thus, you need to remember more.

There is nobody in New England above the level of these workshops. As a matter of fact, many of those who used to consider themselves advanced, are taking this workshop for the second or third time. And it shows. Those folks are now winning the Jack'n'Jills and other competitions around the country. Not just our little corner we call New England. They are also the people they you want to dance with more often, because they are doing "IT" right. After a couple of years of applying this knowledge, they are now becoming truly advanced.

As time goes on, Mario adds and deletes material and teaching technique. Each intensive is slightly different than the last one, and as the dance evolves, the workshops will continue to evolve.

Many have asked me if they think they should attend. I hate saying yes or no. Truthfully, I think everybody should take them, BUT, if you can't lead or follow the 8-10 basic patterns in West Coast Swing with anybody you ask to dance, (Providing they know the basic patterns also), then maybe you should wait for next time.

Everybody progresses at a different level. Some are ready for this after just a few months of dancing ... others may take longer.

Call me if you are interested. Better yet, Call and e-mail ... that way I also have it written down 😉

1) Schedule - See Below

2) Cost - $300 Per Person

3) Hotel Info - This is the preferred Hotel for Windsor Locks Events. Nice, Fairly New, Hot Breakfast included in the $89 rate. This rate is not available online, so you must CALL the hotel. 860-683-1118. If there are any issues, ask for Kim Burke.

Book under "Ken's Dance Events"

Hampton Inn

2168 Poquonock Ave

Windsor, CT 06095



1) The schedule for the weekend is;

Friday - 4:30-7:00 PM Intensive

7:30-8:45 PM Workshop (Public)

9:00 PM - 11:30PM(ish) - Dance

Saturday - 10:30 - 5:00 PM - Intensive

7:30-8:45 PM Workshop (Public)

9:00 PM - 11:30PM(ish) - Dance

Sunday - 10:30 - 3:00 PM - Intensive

Important - There is no way to take just one or two days. Mario is very adamant about this. Also, you really need to be at the Polish Home by 5:00PM Friday. The first 2 hours set up the rest of the weekend. If you miss the first night, you may or may not be able to "Catch Up".

2) Cost ... the cost for the entire weekend ... 12 hours of Intensive, both dances and both workshops is $300 Per Person.




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860-559-6179 Cell

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