Mario Robau Intensive - What is it?



*NOTE - Due to ever changing COVID related restrictions or mandates, we will follow whatever guidelines are in place at the time of ANY workshops & dances we hold.

Due to the lack of dancing over the last year and a half, we have decided to go with the original version of the intensive. We will offer the "Competitors Version" next year when there are more dance conventions on the schedule.
Why is it different?

Mario Intensive 2021 - What is it?
Staying True To West Coast Swing

Hey Folks,
The Next Mario Robau Intensive is scheduled for October 29-31, 2021.
There are already several couples "On The List", so, even if you are not sure, let me know if you are interested in that weekend. This workshop weekend is limited to 15 leaders and 15 followers (And possibly a few local instructors). You do not have to sign up as a "Couple", but that helps. I just make sure numbers are even, and we will do some rotating.

**** It will be assumed that all Men will be leaders, and all Women will be followers, unless otherwise specified in advance****

*NOTE - The two workshops Friday & Saturday are open to the Public. See Listing under "Friday Night Dance" Section
* Intensive workshops - What are they?

Intensive Workshops – “Intensive” is the most overused “Buzz Word” on the circuit today. This however, is the real deal, most often copied, but never duplicated.…. Now over 20 years of refinement and continuously evolving as the dsnce does. Three days of teaching you HOW to make up your own material, HOW to create your own footwork/syncopations, HOW interpret music, HOW to phrase, etc, etc … just not trying to mimic what others offer.
The success and popularity of these “Intensive Dance Training” weekends cannot be overstated. There is so much material, dancers have come back 2, 3 or even more times, as they gain experience with the dance and can implement more and more over time.
This weekend is a must for anybody who wishes to be an excellent social

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