UPDATE !!! - Registration for Pure Dance CT 2019 is open.
Downloadable flyer on the website - Full Schedule & Saturday Buffet Menu will be up soon.
New for 2019 - After 2 years of "Fine Tuning" We have made a few changes
Beginner/Novice Classes will be on Friday*. These will not be "Start From Scratch" beginner classes. You should be familiar with all the basic patterns. These classes will be more focused on technique and proper execution than moves. I will be leaving the ALL other workshop content to the instructors, BUT, I will specify that one class be more pattern orientated, and the other, more technique orientated.

* There will be workshops thru-out the weekend filled with technique and tips from the pro's, suitable for newer dancers.

Just an FYI … Definitions -
Beginner - Never danced West Coast Swing Before and/or not 100% comfortable with leading and/or following the basic patterns.
Novice - Can lead and/or follow all the basic patterns(Assuming the person you are dancing with knows them too), and expanding knowledge of more complex patterns.
Intermediate - Starting to understand pattern extensions, basic syncopations, musical interpretation and putting together multiple patterns in sequence.
Advanced - Can put together complex patterns and understand the concepts of musical interpretation, syncopations, shortening and extending patterns, styling, recognizing 32 & 48 beat phrases, and the difference between standard, syncopated and swung beat rhythms. 
Here is some generic information about the weekend. It's in Raw form until I get a chance to put it all on downloadable PDF Format
Pure Dance Connecticut
Polish Home, 9 First St. Windsor Locks, CT 06096
Sept 27-29, 2019
Paypal Registration & Downloadable flyer will be available in a few days.
 Pure Dance Connecticut is a workshop weekend without competitions. This is replacing our annual Mario & Stephanie Robau weekend. Friday & Saturday will include workshops in West Coast Swing & Dances both nights. Sunday Will be our Traditional C&W Two Step day. Since not all attendees dance C&W Two Step, this will be an “Add on”, thus reducing the price for those only interested in West Coast Swing.
 As it stands right now, our Instructors for the weekend …
 Mario Robau, Stephanie Robau, Blake Hobby, Anne Fleming, Larry & Heidi Mongeau, Mike & Nicole Stavola.
 DJ's will be Andre Russo, Ken Mercik, Mario Robau, Anne Fleming … and maybe one more … TBA

Either bring *Lunch for Saturday, or order in locally.  I will be working on getting a food truck to be parked outside for lunch & snacks, but I haven't had much luck. There are just not that many around.

Schedule is below - There will be a dinner buffet included at 7PM on Saturday. This year will be having some Polish Food(Imagine that) with chicken, salad. As soon as I have the full menu it will be posted here.
 Due to the size of the space, this event will be limited to 175 Dancers
 Recommended Hotel;
 This is the preferred Hotel for Windsor Locks Events. Nice, Fairly New, Hot Breakfast included in the $79 rate. This rate is not available online, so you must CALL the hotel. 860-683-1118. If there are any issues, ask for Kim Burke.
Hampton Inn
2168 Poquonock Ave
Windsor, CT 06095
Pre-Register Deadline
Pricing ---------------------------------------------- Before - Sept 17th – After Sept 17th
Pure Dance Friday & Saturday                                        $100                      $120
Pure Dance Fri., Sat, & Sunday                                       $120                      $140
Sunday Only (C&W 2-Step, 3 workshops)                        $  45                       $ 60
Pre-Registrations must be postmarked by 09/17/19
Make out checks too : Ken Mercik,
Send Checks to: Ken Mercik, 19 Jewel ST. Enfield, CT 06082
Fri/Sat           _________
Fri/Sat/Sun   _________
Sunday Only _________
Total              _________
 Tentative Schedule:
 5:30-6:30PM – Early Workshop -  Avoid the traffic and get here a little Early, We’ll keep you busy.
 7pm Workshops (2)
 8pm Workshops (2)
 Midnight DOORS CLOSE – GO REST (Technically, we can stay open until 1AM if we have a big crowd) 
10am Workshops (2)
11:15am Workshops (2)
12:30pm Workshops (2)
1:45pm Workshops (2)
3pm Workshops (2)
8pm “ALL HANDS ON DECK” Workshop taught by the ENTIRE staff
11:00AM – Noon – Niteclub 2 Step
12:15 - 1:15PM – C&W 2 Step
1:30 – 2:30PM – C&W 2 Step
2:30 PM – Done for the weekend*
Thank You for Attending
*Heading up to the “Big-E” (Eastern States Exposition) for some fun

Additional information