If a dance is cancelled due to snow ....

Updated 12-22-18

SNOW POLICY!!!! – Friday Night Swing, Polish Home, 9 First St, Windsor Locks, CT

 As a general rule of thumb, I do NOT cancel dances due to snow. Unless it is a MAJOR snowstorm that
encompasses all regions people drive from, or is centered in Windsor Locks, CT.  As you all know, folks
travel from about a 40-50 mile radius from Windsor locks, and as we all know with New England weather …
it could be snowing in Northampton or New Haven, and have nothing to very little snowfall here.
To illustrate this, I have cancelled only 5 dances due to weather in almost 25 years. I’m more apt to
cancel due to Ice Storms than a few inches of snow.

USE YOUR HEAD!!! The main roads to the Polish Home are major routes and are well maintained
in the winter. This hall is less than 1 mile off the Highway (I-91). If the driving is treacherous in your area, stay home.
If not, come on down.  I do take into consideration timing of the storm, amount of snowfall, road conditions, icing, etc.
A decision will be made by 4:00PM the evening of the dance and will be posted on the website (DjKenM.com),
Hartford/Springfield Friday Night Swing Facebook page, an E-mail will be sent and messages on the answering
machines for the following numbers … 860-749-5434 & 860-559-6179 will reflect any announcements. If I do cancel
a Friday Night dance, and the hall is available, I will do that Saturday night instead ... providing there is no conflict
with another dance close by.

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