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Angelique Early & Tricia Lea
From Friday, November 22, 2019 -  07:00pm
To Saturday, November 23, 2019 - 12:00am
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 *Stay Tuned for changes

 Windsor Locks- CT - Polish Home 9 First Street
  ... See Schedule below - No Partner required.
 For directions go to
 * Beginners/Novice Dancers ... see website for
 Information on the "Dance Ambassador Program."
 Friday Night Schedule
 7:00-8:00PM - Beginner WC Swing - Tricia
 8:00-9:00PM - Int/Adv WC Swing - Angelique
 9:00PM - Midnight - Dance - DJ Angelique
 Beginner Lesson and Dance- $10
 Intermediate Lesson and Dance - $15
 Dance Only - $10 - Mostly West Coast Swing, with a mix of other dances
 Private lessons available - For additional Information. Call 860-749-5434

BEWARE OF "FAKE" NEWS !!! - Friday Night Dances Will Continue !!!
Working over 70 hours per week for the last year and a half,
I have been unable to give Friday Nights, and virtually every
other part of my life ... much attention. So as of December 31st,
I am stepping down from most of my supervisory
duties IN MY REAL JOB, and entering a phase best
describe as "Semi-Retirement".
Due to the changing position in my "Real Job", and
the fact that my workload will even be heavier in the
next few weeks ... For the rest of this year, and maybe
into January. I will be having local guest DJ's & Instructors
handle most of the Teaching & DJ'ing Duties on Friday Nights.
I will be more of a "Fill In" during this timeframe.
I have spoken to Andre Russo, Cathy Benben, & Angelique
Early so far and they will each be doing a night or two.
There are a couple more I will be talking with in the next
few weeks. Tricia Lea will be handling most of the beginner
classes as she has been for most of this year.
Once I feel I can spend the necessary time to run the dance
properly, and provide a continuous supply of fresh new music,
I will be having more weekend events with top instructors like
Robert Royston, Michael Kiehm, Mario Robau and others.
I figure since I have 3 more Swingin' Into Spring events
contracted for, I will reassess the situation in a couple of years.
If anybody tells you something other than what is written here,
please point them to this post for correct information.
See you on the dance floor. Ken -
*Year End Dance/DJ/Instructor Schedule - Tricia Lea will
still be doing the beginner Lessons. The folks below will
be teaching the second lesson & dj'ing the dance.
Nov 22 - Angelique Early
Nov 29 - Andre Russo
Dec 6 - Cathy Benben
Dec 13 - Angelique Early
Dec 20 Andre Russo
Dec 27 - Cathy Benben
Jan 3 - NYE Event Boston
Jan 10 - Arjay Centeno
Jan 17 - Anne Fleming
Jan 24 - (If Necessary)
Jan 31 - Sonja Dessurault (Teaching both lessons)


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